Leviticus 13:46b “He shall live alone; his dwelling shall be outside the camp.”


The chapters in Leviticus which talk about how to deal with lepers seem harsh and unforgiving.  But you must remember the setting.  Leprosy is a contagious disease.  Incubation periods can be as long as 20 years. And back then leprosy usually meant a long and nasty death.  God had to give some instructions on how to deal with this disease to protect the nation.

People were banned from the camp once it was determined they were leprous.  This wasn’t a punishment for them.  Rather, it was a way to keep the infection from spreading.  I know there had to be heartache and even personal sacrifice by many.  But the bottom line was, and still is, that God desires to protect His people.


Now this is one of those verses that you may find hard to explain to your child.  Remember, every verse is inspired – even these verses on leprosy.  So, the next time your child gets a rash or skin issue, why don’t you talk about how God put things in place for the people to protect against disease?

I know what you are thinking – “Wow Carl, this really blesses me!”  Listen, God cares about our deepest issues. He cares about our deepest losses.  But He also cares about our bodies and how we take care of them.  This is no small thing.  Teach your kids that.  They need to know that our bodies also belong to God, and He wants us healthy to serve Him.

So, how are you doing keeping your own body healthy?  Are you doing all you can to keep physically fit to serve Him?  Are you allowing your physical limitations to pull you back from what He has called you to do?  Will you recommit yourself today to keep yourself prepared physically to do whatever He asks of you?  He needs soldiers who can fight!


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