Psalm 92:6-7 “6 A senseless man has no knowledge, nor does a stupid man understand this: 7 That when the wicked sprouted up like grass and all who did iniquity flourished, it was only that they might be destroyed forevermore.”


I know what you are thinking.  “We don’t use the word “stupid” in our house!”  Well, I agree, but here it is in God’s Word. The Hebrew word can be translated as fool or stupid man.  So, if God uses the word in His Word I guess it is a legitimate word.  Right?

But the point is not that word.  The point is what follows.  Verse seven says the fool or stupid man does not understand that although the wicked seem to be getting away with everything, they will be punished.  Have you ever felt that way?  It seems the wicked just keep getting richer while you struggle to make ends meet.


I bet your kids come home sometimes complaining about a neighbor kid who is mean and gets all the cool toys.  They don’t ever get punished by their parents.  Your little Gertrude doesn’t understand that.  That is the time to pull out this verse.  Explain to her that one day those people will suffer a much harsher punishment.  But your child will grasp the importance of obedience and humility.

It’s hard for little boys and girls to see that, I agree.  It’s hard for teens to grasp it.  But as we continue to pour the Word of God into their hearts and minds, they will begin to get the bigger picture.  You see, the fools or stupid only see what’s in front of them.  The wise see the eternal, and that is the important thing.

How are you doing, Mom and Dad?  Are you so focused on now that you don’t see ahead?  Are you so worried about your children now that you are not preparing them for eternity?  Forget your worries of today.  Turn them over to the Lord.  Focus on the eternal value of everything and everyone you encounter.  Then the Lord will give you the wisdom and understanding you need.


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